The Path to Redemption (Book 2)

Steve Roberts belongs to a five-man unit, formed in the Eighties by the CIA. Their brief was to complete missions that for political reasons, America could not be seen to be involved in. The unit carried out many successful missions, until their enemies became aware of their existence, making them a liability. Worried, the CIA decided to terminate the unit; the first attempt failed. In the Nineties, changes in the CIA’s Directorship initiated another attempt; this too failed but resulted in the death of Steve Roberts’ wife. Going underground after the murder, they became a mercenary unit for hire. Working out of Singapore, for a gunrunner named Mr Lou they stayed off the radar avoiding the CIA. This continued till roughly 1996, when by mistake, they destroyed an Israeli Bioweapons plant in Turkey. The Israelis, with Intel from the CIA, eliminated Mr Lou’s organisation along with Japanese unit member Sukai. Following this, the unit disbanded going into hiding until 2010. After meeting and falling in love with a young woman named Justine, Steve sought to clear his name and stop running. Contacting Ali, his unit leader, they put together a dangerous plan to stop the Americans and the Israelis hunting them. With the help of the surviving unit members Cody and Aaron, they seized the White House. After negotiations with the Vice President, the siege was covered up and they were allowed to retire in peace. As the unit separated for their journey home, Steve, ever cautious, stayed in America for a short time to make sure that they kept their part of the deal. Feeling finally in the clear, Steve went to the airport for his flight home. It was here that he read that Justine, his girlfriend had been murdered.

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